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ExamXML and MDCXML questions
Does ExamXML support ISO-8859-15 encoding.
ExamXML supports ISO-8859-15 as well as Latin-9 code pages for both input and output XML files.
How can I see the source XML file as a text.
ExamXML provides lightweight built-in XML Editor. Press F3 to open loaded XML file in the Editor.
How to ignore loading DTD file at the XML validation.
Set the Schema validation option to Never.
How to specify a different DTD or XSD file instead of that within XML document.
Set the External Schema location option .
My XML documents have elements with timestamp values, how can I compare just a date without time part.
You can configure ExamXML to normalize date and time omitting either date or time.
How can I compare numbers as integers?
ExamXML can be configured to normalize numbers with rounding.
How does ExamXML handle white space?
You can instruct ExamXML to either ignore white spaces or compare them. read more
Is the ExamXML comparison engine case sensitive?
ExamXML treats the XML scheme as case sensitive according to XML specification, but identifying changes within values of elements ExamXML provides option to compare them ignoring cases. read more
Can I compare comments and processing instructions?
No, ExamXML does not compare comments and processing instructions.
How does ExamXML handle the order of the element?
Usually, the order of XML attributes is irrelevant because XML processors do not consider the sequence that attributes appear in a particular element. ExamXML provides an option to ignore the order of elements. Leave this option unchecked if the order of elements is important.
What about attribute order?
Attribute order is ignored while comparison. According to the XML specification attributes can appear in any order in XML files.
Does ExamXML support large files?
Yes, we have tested it on files of several megabytes in size. You can also compare extra-large XML files using command line tool MDCXML.
How can I configure ExamXML to ignore some elements and attributes?
ExamXML provides several options to ignore specified elements, attributes. Unique to ExamXML is its ability to ignore elements that match users defined condition. read more
ExamXML is showing that there are many differences. All nodes except one display in red
If there are many differences between two XML files you can try to set Full Mode of comparing on the options dialog. read more
ExamXML truncates the XML elements
Please set on the Display XML Element in Multiline Mode option on the View page
ExamDir displays error message "Folder does not exist" but this is an existing network folder with mapped drive H:\schemas
Please select the Use Network UNC checkbox to resolve drive-based network path to UNC e.g. \\server\resource\schemas
I installed ExamXML and tried to run application. When click on "Continue Evaluation", an error message "Access denied" has appeared.
You must be a member of Administrative Group on the local computer to perform installation.
XML2CSV questions
XML2CSV creates huge CSV file that can not be loaded to Excel
Use the -M= argument to specify maximum amount of rows in one CSV file. It splits CSV in several files.
Is it possible to use tab-character as separator
Yes, use an escape sequence (\t \r \n \#255) as separator in -D argument.
Example: xml2csv file.xml file.csv "field1,field2" -D=\t
When I use -D=; in XML2CSV tool I got output CSV file with only one header line
Please use comma or the same separator as you specified in -D argument in the header or in the field's file.
Example: xml2csv file.xml file.csv "field1;field2" -D=;
Ordering and registration
Are there any limitations regarding the number of users for a site license?
No, The Site License allows you to install ExamXML on unlimited number computers in your company.
After entering all fields at the Enter Registration Code dialog and confirming with OK, I get the error: "Please try again."
Please enter correct registration e-mail. Your license is registered on the e-mail that you used on the ordering page. On that e-mail Registration service send the order.
Can I use ExamXML for free?
No, there is only a trial period 30 days. When this period is expired, you MUST purchase ExamXML or remove it from your computer.
How much does ExamXML cost?
Please see purchase.html
Is the trial version fully functional?
The ExamXML trial version is fully functional, and can be tested for free for a period of 30 days.
Where is ExamXML installed on my computer?
By default, ExamXML is installed in the "C:\Program Files\ExamXML" directory.
How is the software sent to me?
ExamXML is not a shipped product. ExamXML is only available as a downloadable file from our web site.
How long does the registration last for?
The Registration Code you purchase does not expire. You can continue to use the version you have purchased for as long as you wish.
What is a Registration Name?
Registration names are used in shareware programs to generate a Registration Code. The Registration Name and Code are then used to unlock the program after the 30-day trial period expires. The Registration Name is displayed in the About dialog.
I would like to purchase ExamXML but would like to pay via PayPal, is that possible?
Yes, SWReg service supports PayPal